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About us

RSFO Marketing Services Company is one of a leading Philippines integrated company

and one of the most experience in Asia.

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 About Us

RSFO Company has many years of experience being the marketing agent of International but well-established major players of agro-industrial, oleochemicals, edible oils, food, and nonfood products manufacturers and sellers.

During these years, we gained invaluable experience and many business friends using local and foreign companies and sold its products to both industrial companies and end consumers to more than 15 countries.

Our products are extensively used for many purposes. In the manufacturing process, our manufacturers use high-grade raw materials that are sourced from the industry's trusted vendors under our experts' guidance. Apart from this, they use genuine quality packing materials to packing our product and are largely required by our clients.

Our experience in representing our ventured by appointment manufacturers has made our company an active international trade participant. Having years of international trade and export experience, we are constantly looking to expand our business by fostering good relationships with our business partners.

Our qualified personnel can answer any of your questions about product specifications, manufacturing process, shipping terms, and payment procedures to provide products of the best quality at competitive prices.


Citric Acid

Phosphoric Acid

Diammonium phosphate (DAP)

Tapioca Starch

Potato Starch

Mozzarella and Cheddar Cheese

Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC 80%)

Infant and Skimmed Milk Powder Products

Edible Oil Products (Non – GMO)

Corn Oil

Canola Oil

Crude Degummed Rapeseed Oil din 51605

Jatropha Oil

Soybean Oil

Sunflower Oil

Palm Oil

Oil By-Products

Coconut acid oil, palm acid oil, Soya acid oil 



Crude and Refined Glycerin & Fatty acid distillate, SN500 Virgin Base Oil.

2018, we have signed a marketing contract with a manufacturer of

Anti-aging, Whitening, and Slimming dietary supplement products.

FedEx does the global distributions.

Contact us: info@rsfo-company.com

BROAD INFORMATION: Our Manufacturers accepts your Payments by VISA & MASTERCARD.

Our qualified personnel can answer any of your questions to provide the best quality at very competitive prices.



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